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La Virgen is a product of Sucafina’s Colombian exporting partner InConexus’ work with 13 different farms around Garzon and Gigante in Huila.  InConexus focused on helping their farmer partners become Rainforest Alliance certified by donating processing equipment and wastewater treatment equipment.  RFA certifies that coffees are grown in a “climate-smart” manner.  Farms must have at least 40% canopy cover, significant species diversity, and a system of natural vegetation buffers between agricultural land and bodies of water.  Oh, and the farms are also required to use only organic fertilizer.  RFA is one of our favorite certs.  It goes above and beyond in protecting the land, and on top of that we are big believers that biodiversity is one of the keys to really great tasting coffee.  This is the first year these 13 farms have all been certified RFA, and this La Virgen lot is a great example of the high quality production typical of Colombia’s Huila region.  Extremely high altitudes and wonderful soil make coffees from Huila some of the brightest and juiciest you will find in Colombia.

Process - Fully Washed

Varietal(s) - Caturra, Castillo, Tabi, Colombia, Geisha, and San Bernardo

Altitude - 1,760+ masl

Harvest - Winter 2020

Approach - Normally we would hesitate to buy a coffee with so many different varieties blended together, but the farmers produced such outstanding coffees and the team at InConexus did such a great job on the dry milling that this coffee roasts about as nice as anything we’ve had in awhile.  Expect a typically Colombian cup, very “bold” and round with great sweetness and a clean rich aftertaste.  What sets the La Virgen apart is the super delicate acidity that contributes to a wonderful complexity and brightness.  We like to roast this a touch on the lighter side, think medium rare, and attempt to highlight the wonderful acidity, while still producing a coffee that has great sweetness, balance, and body.

Colombia | La Virgen


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