Tastes like: Grape Soda | Coco Nibs | Panela Sugar


Edwin Noreña

Finca Campo Hermosa

Quindio, Colombia


From mad coffee Alchemist Edwin Norena comes this amazing two-stage anearobic fermentation coffee grown on his farm Campo Hermosa in Quindio Colombia.  After an initial fermentation the coffee is fermented a second time in it's own mossto juice.  This wine making technique creates an absurdly singular coffee that tastes like grape soda, coco nibs, panela sugar and has a clean booziness reminiscent of a nice vermouth cocktail. 


Process - Multi-Stage Anaerobic Natural Fermentation

Altitude - 1550 masl

Harvest - March '22

Edwin Noreña | Finca Campo Hermosa


    Bag contains 310g of coffee in a valved, re-sealable bag or 5lb valved bulk bag.


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