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Edwin Noreña

Finca Campo Hermosa

Quindio, Colombia


We are so delighted to offer this amazing and super rare small lot from renowned coffee grower and producer Edwin Noreña of Cafe1959 in Colombia.  This year for the holidays, instead of recycling some of our older offerings and slapping the label “holiday blend” on them we wanted to offer some truly special coffees.  This Sidra Double Anaerobic is our special Thanksgiving coffee, a way for us to say thanks to our awesome customers by giving them an amazing coffee.

Grown on Edwin’s Finca Campos Hermosa, this coffee is a Sidra varietal that is very different from anything we’ve had before.  A hybrid of Typica and Bourbon varietals that was first discovered in Ecuador several years ago, Sidra is a delightful little bean that has bright acidity similar to our favorite Ethiopian coffees, but with a jammy sweetness, floral aromatic, and delicate finish that reminds us of the famous geisha varietal.  

Edwin calls himself a “coffee designer” and the description fits his boundary pushing processing techniques.  For this coffee he went with an initial 56 hour anaerobic fermentation of the freshly harvested cherry.  Next, he dry-pulped the coffee and then put it right back in the old anaerobic fermenter for another 48 more hours.  That’s where the Double Anaerobic term comes from. Finally the coffee was dried on raised beds for about 21 days. 
The results are pretty amazing.  This coffee is sparklingly clean, not at all what one would expect from such an intense fermentation period.  There is not even a hint of over-fermentation funk.  Instead, the coffee has one of the cleanest and most structured flavors we have ever tasted, sparkling snappy acidy is perfectly balanced by jammy round sweetness and a delightfully clean and sweet aftertaste.

Long story short, this is the perfect coffee to share with friends and family after a killer thanksgiving feast.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Process - Multi-Stage Anaerobic Natural Fermentation

Varietal - Sidra  

Altitude - 1550 masl

Harvest - October ‘21

Edwin Noreña | Finca Campo Hermosa


    Bag contains 310g of coffee in a valved, re-sealable bag or 5lb valved bulk bag.


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