Tastes like: Citra Hops | Pineapple | Rock Candy


Edwin Noreña

Finca Campo Hermosa

Quindio, Colombia


Another incredible coffee the alchemist Edwin Norena produced at his headquarters finca Campo Hermosa.  Edwin is a great lover of fermentation, so it’s only natural that he would become interested in the effects of using hops to augment coffee fermentation, and this lot is the wild tasting offspring of that inspiration.  In similar style to the Mossto lot we have featured previously, this coffee process starts with a 120-hour anaerobic fermentation in cherry.  After this first stage the coffee is depulped and then put back into the old anaerobic fermentor for another 96 hours.  This twist here is that Edwin introduces hops and malt during the second fermentation.  The result is a coffee that is unlike pretty much everything else out there.  Distinct “hoppy” flavors are apparent right from the first sip.  We taste those oh so popular citra hops that grace many a hip breweries offering list.  However what really makes this coffee shine is how well balanced the hops flavors are with amazing pineapple sweetness and a sugary rock candy sweetness.  This coffee is unlike any other we’ve tasted.


Process - Anaerobic hops innoculation

Varietal(s) - Yellow Bourbon

Altitude -1600 masl

Harvest - Spring 2022


Art by @bird_dot 

Edwin Noreña | IPA Bourbon Colombia


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