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Banko Michica 

Guji, Ethiopia 


Banko Michicha is a washing station in Guji, in the south of the Sidamo coffee growing region, and is part of the official Oromia region.  This production mill is owned by Mr. Degefa Sema, a 25 year industry veteran who also runs a string of washing and milling stations around Keffa, Guji, and Sidamo.  It’s safe to say he has a pretty good handle on how to produce amazing coffees, and this lot proves it.  Around 800 farmers deliver their coffee to Degefa, and Banko Michicha takes over from there washing and drying the coffee.  Naturals are a great way to see the quality of a mill at work, since the flavor is so dependent on the processing, and this coffee really shines.  Super bright, bursting with fruit juice sweetness, yet also balanced and immaculately clean.  We dig this coffee. 


Process - Natural

Varietal(s) - Heirloom

Altitude - 1900-2030 masl

Harvest - 2021

Approach -  Roasting up naturals is fun and all, but sometimes it can be super hard to find the right balance between a roast that really highlights the built in juicy acid bomb natural coffee without sacrificing sweetness and balance.  Turn up the brightness too much and you end up with a thin coffee that might be super bright but has really nothing else going for it.  So we aim to hit a nice balanced spot with the Banko.  We roast it just enough to make sure it has that nice heavy body, great sweet aftertaste, but is still bright enough to knock your socks off.  The end result is a coffee with mind blowing complexity, yet still clean and structured.  It’s wild and free, but also can stick to a schedule.

Ethiopia | Banko Michicha


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