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Duromina Cooperative 

Jimma, Ethiopia


This delicious coffee comes to us from Crop to Cup importers out of the Duromina Coop in Jimma. Duromina, which means “to become wealthy” is one of the founding Coops in the new Kata Maduga Union.  For those not familiar with the baroque intricacies of Ethiopian coffee production, allow me to present a brief rundown. Coffee is a super important crop in Ethiopia and, because of this, there is a high-degree of government and private control of coffee selling. The two most common ways to buy coffee in Ethiopia are either through the state run Ethiopia Coffee Exchange (ECX) or through a Coop Union. Coop Unions are basically exactly what the name says. Loads of little farmers will cooperatively raise funds that are used to process and export their coffee. Duromina was formerly a part of the Oromia Union, the largest of Ethiopia’s coffee Unions, but when a new smaller union formed 3 years ago, Duromina along several other coops in western Ethiopia decided to move to the new Kata Maduga Union. The coops believed that there would be more opportunity for them with this Union as it is much more focused on high end specialty. One of the best parts is that the profits go back to farmers and each cooperative has sustainability and social projects that they collectively fund each harvest. This includes investing in schools, community infrastructure, road repair etc. It’s one of the main benefits of working with a cooperative for the farmers and we love the coffees they produce!


Process - Washed 

Varietal(s) - Heirloom 

Altitude - 1800 - 2100 masl

Harvest - 2019
Approach -  Ethiopian coffees are always so delicious, it’s never hard to roast them and be happy with the results. We want our roast here to let the bright acidity and the tea like sweetness of this coffee shine through. This is a great coffee to have as drip, and we roast it primarily for drip brewers. As an espresso expect a drink that will be extremely bright, with loads of body. Certainly would make for a very addictive single origin espresso.

Ethiopia | Duromina Cooperative


    Bag contains 12oz of coffee in a valved, re-sealable bag or 5lb valved bulk bag.. Fresh coffee is shipped from our roastery every Tuesday. Place your order before 9am Monday to ensure it is roasted and included in the week's shipment.


    We ship USPS Priority Mail. Please expect your package 1-3 days from ship date.

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