Tastes like: Star Fruit | White Grape | Raspberry Hard Candy


Kosse Geshe Estate

Jimma, Ethiopia 

Flavors of Star Fruit, White Grape, Raspberry Candy

Process - Natural

Varietal - Heirloom Landrace

Altitude - 1800

Harvest - July 2022


Back again for 2022 we are proud to feature this super sweet and clean natural from our old friends at Kosse Geshe Estate.  Kosse Geshe Estate is located in western Ethiopia in the Limmu Kossa District. Farmer Abdul Wahid has been selling all his coffee to Crop to Cup since 2016, the first year that estates in Ethiopia were able to sell directly to importers. Prior to that every bean coming out of Ethiopia had to go through either the Ethiopian Coffee Exchange, or go through one of several large coffee Unions. Direct trade of single estate coffee has been awesome for quality focused estates, and has been awesome for coffee lovers the world over. In 2018 Kosse Geshe won a Good Food Award, propelling them into something of a celebrity status among coffee farmers. This natural process coffee is super bright and super fruity, with amazing stone fruit flavors. The natural processing means that the coffee is bursting with complex berry and floral flavors.  We last featured this coffee in 2020, and man was it good.  We’re so excited to have this back on the menu.

Ethiopia | Kosse Geshe


    Bag contains 310g of coffee in a valved, re-sealable bag or 5lb valved bulk bag. Fresh coffee is shipped from our roastery every Tuesday. Place your order before 9am Monday to ensure it is roasted and included in the week's shipment.


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