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Nano Challa is the stand out cooperative in the Kata Muduga Union of Cooperatives. Nano has rightfully gained a reputation as producing shockingly good coffee and we have been a big fan for the last couple of years. Nano Challa is actually a washing station in Challa Kebele. 732 small holder farmers contribute their day lots to the station, which then processes the coffee and dry mills and to be exported by Kata Muduga. The complexities of the Ethiopian coffee world are pretty baroque, but, long story short, this coffee is a wonderful representation of the best terroir to be found in the birthplace of coffee. Kata Muduga Union itself is relatively new, being birthed out of the work Technoserve started doing only about 5 years ago. Centered on the belief that the quality of coffee was being lost by some of the restrictions of other Coops and the ECX. We are big fans of theirs as every year our favorite Ethiopian coffees have been coming out of their Coop.


Process - Fully Washed

Varietal(s) - Heirloom

Altitude - 1975

Harvest - Winter 2019


Approach -This coffee is super special and we view it as our job to let the coffee speak for itself. What I mean is we take a very simple approach to roasting this coffee, we roast it light and allow the natural beauty of this coffee to be uncorrupted by any roasty flavors. Bright, syrupy, and sweet as heck, this coffee is such a joy to roast. Anyone looking for a stellar light roast will for sure want to check this coffee out.

Ethiopia | Nano Challa


    Bag contains 12oz of coffee in a valved, re-sealable bag or 5lb valved bulk bag. Fresh coffee is shipped from our roastery every Tuesday. Place your order before 9am Monday to ensure it is roasted and included in the week's shipment.


    We ship USPS Priority Mail. Please expect your package 1-3 days from ship date.

    You can also choose Roastery Pick-up. You can pick up your order one day after placing it, M-F 8:30-4

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