Tastes like: Honeysuckle | Marionberry | Fuyu Persimmon


Nansebo Bulga

Warka, Ethiopia 


Process - Natural
Varietal(s) - Ethiopia Landraces 
Altitude - 2300 masl
Harvest - 2021

This delightful natural processed coffee hails from the Bulga Kebele in the Woreda of Warka.  For those of us not commonly familiar with Ethiopian geography that places this coffee about 8 hours by road south of the capital Addis Ababa deep within the coffee lands our industry used to refer to simply as “Sidamo”.  
This particular coffee is known as Nansebo Bulga, and is a community lot primarily from Nansebo.  Most coffees in Ethiopia are community lots.  Quickly, this means that many smallholder farmers (farmers with less than an acre of property) harvest their coffee cherries and deliver them to a washing station.  The station in turn processes the coffee, collects the hundreds or sometimes even thousands of small lots, and builds out larger lots with specific quality grades and flavor goals.  
For the Nansebo Bulga processing was done by Andinet Degafe at Bulga Lemi washing station.  Andinet and his father Degafe Teklemariam have been coffee producers for about 30 years, and the delicate flavors and subtle beauty of this coffee is a testament to the hard worn knowledge and craftsmanship of this father and son team.  Also involved in the production is the Moplaco Trading Co, true legends in the Ethiopian coffee world who since 1972 have weathered every storm and battle to survive and thrive as a family run producer and trading company. 
Expect a fruity and sweet coffee, with a full chocolatey body and a wonderful lingering aftertaste of honeysuckle and a vanilla-y persimmon fruitiness. 

Ethiopia | Nansebo Bulga


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