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Roasting companies have the strange luxury of falling toward the end of a long and convoluted supply chain. In our position, despite what many of us might prefer to profess, it really is quite easy to find delicious coffees, to sell them for profitable prices, and to stipulate to our trading partners that these coffees fulfill any number of criteria that may be well-intentioned or utterly misguided in terms of ethical and environmental considerations. With this in mind, the challenge is not simply buying good coffee. The challenge - and furthermore, the opportunity - is in fostering meaningful and sustainable relationships that deepen over time. We view our producing and trading partners as allies and collaborators, and in them we place a tremendous amount of trust that must be earned and upheld as the seasons pass. As a young roasting company, the fulfillment of these ambitions is a work in progress, and to some degree, it always will be. 


At this time, we are proud to work with the Genuine Origin Coffee Project for coffees from Honduras, Onyx Green Coffee Importers & K-Finos for coffees from Guatemala, Royal New York and Pergamino Coffee for coffees from Colombia; InterAmerican for coffees from Brazil, Ethiopia, and Rwanda, Crop to Cup for coffees from Ethiopia, and Red Fox Coffee Merchants for coffees from Peru. 

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